Home depot is an American retailing company that is basically and to buying and selling of products and services related to the construction of a new home. Usually known by the name home depot incorporation is one of the largest retailing companies of America that provides this kind of service.

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Starting in 1979, the company’s main plan was to keep the moral values and ethics live among people who were living nearby or far away from us. Also, the company always feels that maintaining good customer relations should be the main aim and focus area for the organization.

Facts about Home Depot Company:

  • It is the most significant home remodelling company in the world.
  • The Home Depot hires approximately 4 lac Orange-blooded personnel.
  • In North America, it has 2,200+ outlets.

The Home Depot becomes the one-stop-shop for customers to pick up all they need lies in the high-quality products and the superior customer service brought by the hard-working employees whether they are on or off the stage. As the company believes, becoming one of the team members is a win-win strategy that both parties could gain for what they want. You reap abundant The Home Depot careers while the company walks towards a more bright future.

Home Depot Customer Service Number and Address

If you have any questions or problems regarding the Home Depot Survey or anything else, then please contact us below the Home Depot customer service number.


[email protected]


Primary support: 1-800-HOME-DEPOT (466-3337)

Customer Care: 1-800-430-3376

Appliances: 1-877-946-9843

TEXT: 38698

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